Our services

Our company performs the repairs and revisions of major parts according to the VPI European Maintenance Guidelines, which covers, among other services:

Services we offer

  • Underframe revision G4.0, G4.2 and G4.8
  • Bogie revision D1, D2 and D3
  • Brake revision Br0, Br2 and Br3
  • Small damage repair for freight wagons
  • Armature renovation and Tank inspections of „Periodic” and „Leakage” tests,
    according to RID by a 3rd party inspector (Notified Body).
  • Tank degassing and material specific inner cleaning, Nitrogene flushing with dew point up to -40°C.
  • Fine grain and stainless steel, alloyed aluminium welding and metal works by qualified welders.

Wheelset Renovation

  • Wheelset revision IS0, IS1 and IS2
  • Non-destructive material testing PT-VT-UT-MT

Mobile Service even in neighbouring countries

  • In cases when it’s not possible for you to transport your wagon to our workshop, we offer the help of our Mobile Service team.